Comprehensive verification of third parties in a moment
Risk RADAR is a system for comprehensive verification of third parties which is capable to automatically identify, analyze and manage risks associated with interaction with third parties (suppliers, customers, business partners, tender participants)

Kept methodology is based on the best practices and includes more than 100 configurable tests and a unique scoring model for detailed assessment of reliability of third parties. Automated reporting and continuous monitoring of risks allow to effectively analyze third parties and timely take corrective measures
Who may be interested?
Compliance and Legal Department
Tax and Financial Departments
Identification and management of conflicts of interest (for employees and candidates)

Ensuring compliance with the regulatory requirements

Assessment of reputational risks

Check and minimization of tax risks, formation of reports for Federal Tax Service

Enhancing management of accounts receivable

Verification of registration data of third parties

Economic Security Department
Corporate intelligence

Identification of third parties with signs of bad faith

Revealing affiliations, conflicts of interest and manipulations during procurement procedures

Procurement Department
Verification of potential suppliers

Assessment of reliability, financial status and ability of a supplier to provide a service

Decrease of labor costs for requests and analysis of documents provided by suppliers

Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for Kept audit clients and their affiliates or related entities
Risk RADAR features
Identification and assessment of tax risks, including "due diligence" and checks required by article 54.1 of the Tax Code of the Russian Federation
Identification of affiliations and conflicts of interest of counterparties, tender participants, employees
Assessment of financial position of counterparties using accounting data and minimization of risks associated with questionable accounts receivable
Analysis of reputational risks: identification of negative references in mass media, participation in arbitrage litigations, inclusion on international black and sanctions lists
Revealing suspicious and fraudulent transactions with third parties during analysis of accounting data
How does it work?
Automated collection of data on objects of a check (counterparties, employees, tender participants etc.)
Formation of a consolidated database with all relevant and available data
Identification, assessment and regular monitoring of risks, reporting, configuration of a scoring model
State and Corporate Registries, Databases of Federal Statistics and Tax Service, Special Databases
Internal IT systems (CRM, ERP) and Black Lists
International Corporate Databases and Black Lists
Data visualization and statistics
Data analysis and reporting
Data management and configuration
How to use?
What do we do?
We install Risk RADAR on Client's server and organize integration with internal IT systems and databases. Analysis is conducted within the perimeter of information security of a company
What do we do?
We provide access to a web version of Risk RADAR, analysis is conducted on Kept's server. Installation of additional equipment and purchase of access to data sources is not required
What do we do?
You provide data on counterparties and employees subject to check, we analyze the data and provide a report with risk assessment and recommendations
For whom?
For big companies with a significant amount of counterparties and employees
For whom?
For companies which use cloud products and services
For whom?
For companies interested in a single check and independent expert conclusion
Local version
Cloud version
Risk RADAR Service
Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for Kept audit clients and their affiliates or related entities
Collection of data from internal and external sources
A set of modules and "one window system" provides comprehensive approach to assessment of reliability of a third party
Detailed verification of one object or identification and assessment of risks for tens of thousands individuals and legal entities simultaneously
Configurable model for risk assessment, including more than 100 risk indicators, customization of role model for users
Monitoring and notifications allow responsible employees to timely react on incidents associated with third parties
Formation of reports and statistics in a required format, "audit trail" and documents for state authorities
Modular solution architecture
"Single" and "batch" checks
Flexible scoring model
Continuous monitoring
The system consolidates information from various sources and databases, including internal IT systems of a company
Risk RADAR statistics
>RUB 250 billion
total amount of analyzed procurement procedures
>350 projects
delivered using Risk RADAR tool
>1 million employees
analyzed for signs of fraud, misconduct and affiliations with counterparties
>5 million third parties
analyzed for affiliation, tax, financial and reputational risks
Risk RADAR Projects
Russian telecommunication holding
Identification and analysis of risks associated with counterparties, analysis of conflicts of interest, monitoring of risks and registration changes
Detailed verification of counterparties on signs of bad faith in the course of audit of financial statements
Verification of more than
7 000 counterparties on presence of various risks
Identification of links between counterparties and subcontractors, conflicts of interest and high risk counterparties
Identification of links between counterparties and subcontractors within analysis of fraud risks in procurement procedures
A major Russian developer
A major oil company
An international manufacturer of cosmetics
Atomiс energy enterprise
Agro-Industrial holding
Formation of risk profiles of counterparties within a complex tax investigation
Pharmaceutical company
Analysis of counterparties of a major pharmaceutical company within an audit of procurement procedures
Group of construction companies
A detailed analysis of employees and counterparties on risks of affiliations, conflicts of interest, signs of bad faith and reputational risks
Agro-Industrial complex
Verification of third parties for identification of intermediary companies, conflict of interest check, review of inclusion of counterparties and their affiliated individuals in international black lists
FMCG company
Comprehensive investigation for identification of conflicts of interest and counterparties with high risk, involvement of corporate intelligence
2018, 2020
2018, 2019, 2020

Head of Technology Risk
Irina Khvorostyan
Associate Director

Digital Solutions
Andrey Manankov
Some or all of the services described herein may not be permissible for Kept audit clients and their affiliates or related entities
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Some or all services rendered within Risk RADAR may be prohibited for Kept audit clients and their affiliates.
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